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Get to Know Us

Welcome to Nutrition HQ! Around here the only person who matters is YOU. Without you we are nothing. That’s why we have the top wellness coaches to make sure you meet and exceed your wellness goals.

Meet Your Coaches


Julie and Patrick Van Buskirk

Julie and Patrick were both working long hours in hospital settings, Julie as a registered nurse and Patrick in Nuclear Medicine. Julie’s co-worker introduced her to the Herbalife® products and Julie experienced great results, losing 34 pounds, and significantly improved her Lupus Symptoms. Patrick soon followed on a Nutrition Program and lost 41 pounds, but gained 25 pounds of lean muscle!! “Herbalife provides us with the opportunity to pursue our passion of changing people’s lives every day!"

Patrick and Julie have 5 children, and live in the St. Croix Valley, where they enjoy golf, camping, hiking, church activities, travel and spending time with their family. 


Beth Anderson


Beth was a high school dancer who was always busy and just as tired. She was consuming so much caffeine that she had to seek medical attention. Beth was introduced to a nutrition club through her friend and ultimately got started on a good nutrition program. As a result she experienced incredible energy and  lost 17 lbs! “Herbalife allows be to be control of my own schedule so I can work towards my lifelong dreams!” Beth loves to dance and travel.Her passion lie in helping people build confidence in themselves while on their journey to a healthier lifestyle!


Kyle Kirby Kylehkirby@gmail.com Kyle was an athlete and theater student who felt as if he was “always hungry”. In order to fill the hunger void Kyle was constantly drinking mtn. dew and eating pop tarts throughout the day to keep his energy up. A classmate of his invited him into a nutrition club and the first thing he noticed was that a few hours later he didn't need his poptart and mtn. dew to get through the night. This completely blew his mind! Kyle got started on a good nutrition program and lost 26 lbs of fat while putting on 12 lbs of lean muscle. “Herbalife has given me the opportunity to build the life that I have always dreamed of!”

Kyle enjoys playing soccer and watching football when he’s not helping people reach their wellness goals. He has a passion for people and building relationships while simultaneously having fun and being energetic 24/7!